We offer the programs below all year-long. Sometimes we partner with other organizations or institutions. Sometimes it's per special request. Contact us at for more information. 




We are committed to exploring new ways of building public engagement with the comic and cartoon arts! Our "Comic-Book Labs" are designed to accommodate all age groups from novices getting a handle on the basics to professionals looking to refine their skills, get outside inspiration, and collaborate with their peers. 

We frequently partner with other organizations and always aim to make  the "labs" free or as low cost as possible for participants. If you're interested in partnering with and/or want more information contact us! 

*Please note: during times of social distancing due to COVID-19 restrictions, we can offer the "lab" via zoom or at an outside location (weather permitting). 

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Girl Scouts of the United States of America offer a "Comic Artist" badge to girls in grades 6th-8th. After being approached by several troupes, we created a Comic-Book Lab just for Girl Scouts! We work with troupe leaders to make sure the "lab" fits all of the requirements for obtaining a badge. 


We are flexible and happy to tailor anything else for your troupe's needs -- we can provide a physical space for the "lab," supplies, multiple instructors depending on troupe size, etc.